Good Fod Foods Meat Snack

Good Fod Meat Snacks

What if your snacks were nourishing and tasty? Delicious, low-FODMAP certified foods, like our meat snacks, are possible.

Taking the first steps into a "restrictive" diet can be intimidating. Especially if you're cutting out foods you love. We make swapping old faves for tasty, sustainable, low-FODMAP friendly meat snacks and jerky easy.

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Good Fod Jerky Snacks

Loved our amazing meat sticks? Try our Good Fod Food Jerky! Made from high-quality, low-FODMAP ingredients, our jerky offers a delicious and satisfying snack without compromising on flavor.

Our Beef Jerky will put your mind, and your gut at ease! Enjoy the perfect balance of taste and gut-friendly goodness in every savory bite.

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What Are FODMAPs?

Struggle with bloat? Digestive issues? IBS? SIBO? Crohn's disease? Low-FODMAP foods might be right for you.

Not all foods are healthy for every person. Even traditionally healthy foods! Fruits, veggies, proteins, and grains high in certain types of short-grain carbohydrates can cause pain, bloating, and other bowel issues.